Deniliquin Town Hall Precinct Redevelopment

Originally opened in 1876 this grand ol lady has undergone an extensive refurbishment with restoration focusing on external and internal features whilst preserving its historic integrity.

Externally works to the Town Hall included a facelift for the Bell Tower with reconditioning carried out to reinstate the original clock and bell, roofing and fresh heritage finishes. Extensive restoration was carried out internally whilst maintaining its historic charm including remolding of the intricate ornate decorations adorning the ceiling and glass dome, new internal staircase, extensive corrective measures carried out to under floor, floorboards, windows and walls.

Modern features have been carefully considered to include retractable seating, new air conditioning and electrical upgrades adding comforts but retaining the charm and character of the hall. Final works being carried out include restoration of the stage area, with new changerooms, music and prop storage facility rooms.

Estate Building and Civic Plaza required a full internal rebuild including new reception, council offices, lift, rebuilding the ornate staircase by recycling sections of the original staircase. The craftsmanship and passion invested into this project sourcing and reinstate original materials provides a sense of accomplishment for all involved. Underneath all these layers the precincts hidden history has been revealed reinvigorating its social importance for the local community.

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